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Dynamic course schedules for Summer I and II, and Fall 2024 full term, as well as Summer 1 & 2, and Fall 2024 online mini-terms are available via SAIL. NOTE: Only students who are admitted to the online MAcc or MBA graduate program may register for any online mini-term courses (See Academic College for details). Course and University fees are subject to change.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Courses may require additional fees for students to take tests and exams online, and those tests/exams might be monitored by third-party online exam-proctoring services.

  1. All costs for exams are the responsibility of the student and typically involve third party charges ranging from $1 - $50.00 per exam. Students may be required to schedule exams at least 24 hours in advance or incur late scheduling charges.
  2. Students may be responsible for providing webcams to be used in test proctoring.
  3. Students may be required to show to an online proctor via webcam 1) photo ID and 2) the interior of the room where the student is taking the test/exam.

The course schedule provides a dynamic and up-to-date view of all course offerings for the upcoming semester(s). A link to the syllabus for each course and CV for the faculty of record, when provided, is now available for viewing through the online schedule.

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